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How to Measure for Carpet

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📅 April 07, 2022

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Measuring a carpet can be challenging. Particularly if you do not have the correct tools and a guide.

As a homeowner, you would not want to overestimate or under estimate the size of the carpet whatsoever.

Fortunately, getting the precise fit is not hard.

Here are the steps to measure a carpet.

Step 1: Identify the Space for Carpeting

The first step to carpeting your living space is to identify the space.

Check all the rooms Include all the rooms including the stairs, hallways, closets, fire space, and any other rooms. Also, make sure not to exclude entry ways and other opening.

This helps to estimate the materials you will need for carpeting.

Step 2: Measure the Rooms and Area for Carpeting

Measure the length and width of the space to carpet. Use a long-distance tape measure to cover the entire room.

For irregular shaped spaces, divide them into rectangles or squares then measure. Measure the entryway as well and add 2-3 inches to the measurement.

If the stairs is available, measure the steps going down. Make sure to consider the size, steps, shape, and configuration when measuring.

Step 3: Calculate the Room’s Square Footage

Calculate the room’s square feet to determine how much carpet you will need. Multiply the length and width of each room, stairs or area. Include hallways and entry ways.

Note: Add 10% to your total measurement. This allows for any uneven walls and room accurate trimming.

Step 4: Purchase and Install the Carpet

Purchase the total square foot of the carpet and padding required (according to the measurements).

Install the padding, then the carpet.

Not all tape measures work the same. Finding the appropriate tape measure to measure for carpeting can be difficult.

But here are the best commercial tape measures to make the entire process successful.

Drywall Axe All-in-one Hand Tool with Measuring Tape and Utility Knife

The commercial product is perfect for measuring your room for carpeting before installing. It includes a utility knife and a pencil to facilitate easy marking, measuring, and cutting.

Drywall Axe All-in-one Hand Tool with Measuring Tape and Utility Knife

Pack Tape Measure Measuring Tape

The double-sided tape measure is 160 inches long. It has large markings for you to read and make accurate measurements.

It has a retractable button to pull back the tape and continue

Pack Tape Measure Measuring Tape


Accurately measure the room to get the best fit carpet. Measuring for carpet is the most important step to improving the look in your home.

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