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What Size Rug for King Bed?

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📅 April 12, 2022

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A king size bed is comfortable and stylish. The perfect size rugs, on the other hand, complete the setting around the bed area. Small rugs, unfortunately, appear invisible next to king size beds. Large rugs overpower the king size bed.

So, which is the precise rug size?

A king size bed requires a big rug. Other factors like the size of bedroom, the bedroom’s design, rug positioning, and personal preference determine what size rug to pick for king beds.

Remember that there is no “perfect size” when choosing a rug for your king size bed. However, here are a few recommendations for different rug sizes to pick.

4 by 6 or 5 by 8 Rugs

If you are looking for a small rug, these particular dimensions are the best for your king size bed.

You can place them at the foot side of your bed. You can also place the rug horizontally or diagonally at the end of one side of the foot to create a holistic finish.

6 by 9 or 8 by 10 Rugs

These rugs are perfect for medium or small size bedrooms with a king size bed.

The rugs complement the bed and you can place them at the foot side of the bed, then rollout a section of the rug under the bed (along the foot side).

The rug fits the medium part under the bed.

9 by 12 Rug

9 by 12 rugs are long and rectangular. They can be placed on either side of the bed. They look great as runner rugs in the bedroom. 9 by 12 rugs run up to where the night stand starts if placed under the bed.

This rug is a perfect choice for your king size bed.

10 by 14 or 12 by 18 Rugs

This is the largest rug size for your king size bed. The rugs cover the entire under bed from the foot to headboard.

It can cover wall to wall area for small bedrooms.


You need a soft, fluffy, and precise rug for your king bed. A small or large rug usually do not match the size of king beds.

King size beds require elegant and uniform size rugs that precisely fit underneath.

Most rugs normally extend 18-24 inches on the size of the bed. So, it is essential to pick a rug that is within this range.

Lastly, pick a size depending on how you plan to decorate the bedroom, even if it is a small rug.

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