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How to Get Chocolate Out of Carpet

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📅 January 24, 2022

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A milky, dark, or white chocolate is an ideal treat for any sweet tooth. Unfortunately, the chocolate will stain your carpet if it accidentally spills. Act fast when chocolate spills on the carpet. Note that time is crucial when you want to eliminate chocolate stains.

The longer chocolate stains sit on your carpet, the harder it gets to remove.

Luckily, here are a few straightforward techniques to get chocolate out of the carpet.

Heating Method

This is an easy-to-follow procedure that effectively removes chocolate from the carpet.

Items required:


  • Vacuum
  • Iron box


  • Butter knife
  • Ice pack
  • Paper towel
  • ¼ cup dish soap
  • 1 cup of water

Step-by-step process

  1. Dab the chocolate stain using an icepack wrapped in a towel. (To harden it).
  2. Scrape the chocolate with a butter knife
  3. Vacuum the remaining chocolate particles
  4. Cover the stained area with enough paper towels
  5. Run an iron box (on low-medium heat) over the area and let the paper towel absorb the chocolate
  6. Repeat the above step replacing the clean paper towels until all the chocolate is absorbed
  7. Mix ¼ part dishwashing detergent plus 1 part water
  8. Blot the stained area. From outside to the center
  9. Rinse the spot with adequate water and a clean towel
  10. Cover the area with paper towels to soak the water, then let it air dry naturally
  11. Lastly, vacuum the area.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia Solution

This is a more advanced cleaning technique.

Items required

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tablespoon ammonia
  • Spray bottle
  • Coldwater
  • Towels
  • Vacuum

Disclaimer: Do not use ammonia on wool. Also, ensure you test the ammonia or hydrogen peroxide in an inconspicuous area before using it.

Step-by-step process

  1. Dab the chocolate stain with cold water
  2. Scrape the excess chocolate with a butter knife
  3. Mix the hydrogen peroxide with ammonia in a spray bottle
  4. Carefully spray on the stained area, then let it sit for approximately 20 minutes
  5. Rinse the spot using a towel dipped in cold water
  6. Blot the spot with a dry paper towel to absorb the excess water
  7. Allow the carpet to air dry
  8. Vacuum the carpet

Occasionally, the stain will not come out naturally. Hence, use the following products to eliminate the chocolate stains effectively.

1. Carbona Stain Devil Food Clean-Up Stain Remover

This product removes coffee stains on all carpet fabrics. The Chocolate, Ketchup, and Mustard stain remover efficiently work on chocolate instantly.

This particular stain remover is effective, with a five-star rating of 80%. Also, you can use this product on a washing machine.

1. Carbona Stain Devil Food Clean-Up Stain Remover

2. Grandma's Secret Spot Remover

What can be better than the Grandma's spot remover?

This stain remover is harsh on chocolate stains but soft on your carpet fabric. This product will not bleach or damage your carpet.

All you’ve got to do is apply enough remover to the affected area and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Then, bloat the spot to remove the stain.

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover


As a reminder, advise everyone in your home to eat chocolate using a plate or napkin. Nonetheless, act fast when you accidentally get chocolate on the carpet.

Fortunately, you can get chocolate stains out of your carpet using the above easy-to-follow techniques.

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