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How to Cut Carpet

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📅 March 10, 2022

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You want to cut your carpet to fit a specific area or fit a desired size. Trimming your carpet can often appear easy or direct. But there is more to it than what to expect.

Note that cutting a carpet requires precise skills and measurements.

But before understanding how to do it, identify the best apparatuses to use. A cutting knife, scissors, and a blade are the most common tools.

Qualities of a good cutting tool

  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Durable handle
  • Comfortable for long hours
  • Sharp enough to cut through carpet fibers

The best cutting tools

  • Canary carpet cutting scissors
  • Stanley carpet knife
  • Worx zipsnip cutting tool
  • Stalwart cordless power scissors
  • Bibury heavy duty utility knife
  • Kobalt folding utility knife
  • Robert’s carpet knife
  • Dewalt retractable utility knife
  • C.Jet soft grip heavy duty multipurpose scissors

How to Cut Carpet

Usually, there are 9 careful steps involved.

1. Measure the Area

Measure the area you are going to place the carpet using a tape measure. Size the length and width of the area and note down the measurements.

2. Flip the Carpet Over

Take your large sized carpet and flip it over. This will ensure you make straight lines. The carpet fibers usually block your line and that is why the carpet should always be placed upside down.

3. Mark the Desired Carpet Size Using a Marker Pen

Use a marker pen to create marks for new measurements. Make sure lines are straight and visible.

4. Work Near Walls

Place the carpet near the walls to help you progress in a straight line (while cutting).

5. Cut the Carpet

Move carefully and follow the marker pen marking using any of the above mentioned cutting tools.

6. Make Corrections

Correct any errors made during the cutting process.

7. Clean the Working Area

Sweep and discard any cut out fibers from the floor and carpet. Also, make sure you shake off any debris from the carpet.

8. Flip It Back

Flip the carpet back to its original position and make corrections from the upper side (especially along the cut edges)

9. Place the Carpet in Its Original Spot

Return the carpet to its original spot and place furniture back.


Cutting a carpet will ensure achieving the desired shape and size to fit a particular spot.

You can even cut a large size carpet into smaller rugs using the above discussed step by step process.

Always remember to make accurate and precise cuts.

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