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Why Does My Dog Scratch The Carpet?

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📅 March 11, 2022

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Dogs usually behave well after training. But, occasionally, a dog will scratch the carpet. Is it because of a disorder? And why is this? Continue to read more.

There are several reasons why your dog scratches the carpet.

To stop this behavior, you need to diagnose the reason.

This article looks at the main reasons for this destructive behavior.

Alluring Smell

Dogs have a sharp sense of smell. So, if your carpet has a distinct smell that the dog likes, it will scratch it continuously.

Digging for Food Crumbs

If there are food crumbs on the carpet, your pup will curiously scratch it in search of food.

Burying Things

Dogs love to bury things underground: including toys. This is their distinct natural characteristic. At home, carpet fibers often resemble grass. So, your dog will scratch and try to bury its favorite treats, toys, and bones on the carpet.


Your pet can get excited after noticing something inside or outside the house. For instance, after noticing a bird from the window. To release some of the exciting energy, she will scratch the carpet.


This happens if you have a playful dog breed with a lot of energy. Most playful dog breeds scratch the carpet when bored. It could be the most exciting thing to do in the house.

Attention Seeking

If your hound feels overlooked, she will slowly develop behavioral issues. A sign of behavioral issues in dogs is scratching the carpet.

Temperature Discomfort

When the weather is either too hot or too cold, wolves and wild dogs dig the ground to hide from the harsh weather. Dogs, on the other hand, replicate the same behavior at home.

Instinctual Breed

The type of breed could explain this unusual behavior. Some dogs dig the ground occasionally without any reason whatsoever. A good example is the Terrier breed.

How to Stop This Behavior

There are a few steps you can use to stop this behavior in dogs.

First, investigate why your dog is scratching the carpet and eliminate the cause. Clean the carpet well if it is food for instance.

Next, take your pet outside to play occasionally to release the excess energy and excitement.

Precisely adjust the room temperature.

Lastly, train your dog to stop scratching the carpet. Clap your hands or make some noise when you notice your dog in the act. Also, reward your dog with treats whenever she does something good.

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