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How to Get Glass Out of Carpet

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📅 March 09, 2022

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Small glass pieces on the carpet fibers usually appear invisible. Removing glass from carpet is dangerous. You can accidentally cut yourself during the process.

However, you can effectively remove tiny glass pieces with the correct guide.

Here are the steps to get glass out of carpet without hurting yourself.

Step 1: Turn on the lights to give you more visibility.

Step 2: Wear protective shoes and thick gloves to protect your feet and hands respectively.

Step 3: Pinpoint the spot containing broken glass. But ensure to cover all bases, including hidden spots and other areas you suspect might have the glass pieces.

Step 4: Carefully pick the large shreds of broken glass pieces from the carpet and place them in a sealable bag before throwing it in a garbage/disposable bag.

Step 5: Use any of the below methods to remove small glass pieces.


  1. Run a vacuum through the carpet where the glass broke
  2. Make sure to also run a vacuum on any area you suspect the glass might be
  3. Run it in hidden areas that might be affected
  4. Clean the filter of the vacuum, then run it again in all directions

Sticky Tape Method

  1. Strip of sticky tape and stick it all over the affected area
  2. Cover all the surface area you suspect the broken glass might be
  3. Make sure to press the tape down and ensure the tape picks up all the glass pieces
  4. Gently remove the tape and dispose it in the trash can

Caution: Avoid duct tape. Duct tape can strip carpet fibers and leave it bare.

Broom Method

  1. Carefully sweep off the glass pieces in one direction
  2. Cover all bases of the rug to make sure no hidden spots are left behind
  3. Use a dust pan to collect the glass from the floor and place the pieces in a plastic bag before disposing it

Shake Off Method

You need someone to help you out with this technique.

  1. Slowly slip the corner of your carpet towards the center and carry it outside
  2. Place it on a hanging line. But always make sure the backside is on top
  3. Use a broom or wood to beat the pieces of glass off the carpet
  4. Take a broom and sweep off the fallen pieces off the ground and dispose them


Follow all the above procedures to remove glass from your carpet. But make sure to do it away from kids or pets.

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