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How to Ship a Rug

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📅 February 09, 2022

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As a homeowner, you need a quality fabric rug for the home. Today, carpets are available in different designs and make. You will find shag rugs, oriental rugs, or area rugs made from faux fur, cotton, nylon, or jute. Nonetheless, other kinds of rugs are also available in the market.

Unfortunately, you will find it challenging to find a particular rug you prefer locally – but available internationally for shipping.

So, ship a rug that matches your preference and style. Luckily, here is a guide that reveals how to ship a rug to your preferred destination.

There are four vital steps involved.

1. Choose a Reliable, Certified, and Secure Online Shipping Store

  • Cost-effective shipping (size and weight)

The best online shipping store should have relevant experience and expertise in the shipping industry.

Compare the prices in different online stores if you find more than two online shipping stores. Go for a store with cost-effective shipping tags.

Note: The cost of shipping a rug usually depends on the size and weight of the product.

2. Check Details/Services of the Freight Company

There are three crucial factors to consider before shipping a rug.

  • Shipping delivery time
  • Additional costs like duty
  • Return policy

Delivery time: You want to sip a rug in the shortest time possible. So, consider how long the carpet takes to arrive before deciding which company to use.

Additional cost: Duty fees on arriving products and additional costs are common with most online shipping stores. So, always check the duties and other costs you should pay after the rug arrives. If so, prepare yourself.

Return on goods policy: This is another essential factor to consider in an online shipping store. Occasionally, rugs and carpets can come with slight defects. So, you want a shipping store that offers return policies if the client is not satisfied with the product.

3. Choose the Particular Rug You Want

Online stores have a variety of rugs and carpets. So, choose the particular rug you want and prepare for shipping.

4. Ship

Fill in all the required shipping details like full name, shipping address, delivery destination, and any other recommended details to ship the rug.

Check how long the rug takes to arrive at your destination.

Two Pro Tips:

  1. Check the condition of the rug once your shipment arrives. Prepare for return if there are any defects with the carpet.
  2. Some rugs come with additional accessories. So, confirm if these accessories are available.

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