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How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

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📅 December 21, 2021

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Wax mostly comes from a candle that is incorrectly positioned. You will frequently get wax on your carpet fabrics, floor, and furniture upholstery if you do not know how to handle the candle.

It is, however, advisable to deal with the wax and get it out of the carpet before it dries.

Note that you can efficiently remove the wax stains with a few elementary approaches.

Iron Box or Hairdryer

Using a heating device like an iron box or a hairdryer are the most efficient ways to get wax out of the carpet and furniture upholstery.

Step-by-step procedure

  1. Place a paper towel or even wax paper on top of the wax. You can fold it twice for effective outcome
  2. Adjust the hairdryer or iron box’s heat to high and place it on top of the paper towel
  3. The wax will melt and get absorbed on the paper towel
  4. Repeat this step until you get the entire wax out of the carpet

You can effectively get wax out of the carpet with the above home-based remedy. However, tiny amounts of wax might still be present on the carpet fabric. Thus, you need a product that guarantees efficient results.

Here is the best product to pick.

Weiman 8 Ounce Wax Away Candle Wax Remover Carpet Fabric Furniture Cleaner

It is challenging to find an effective candle wax carpet remover on the market. However, you will get rid of the wax without any worries if you have the correct option.

The Weiman wax away candle wax remover gets rid of stuck wax on your carpet fabric and furniture upholstery. You do not need an iron box anymore as this product guarantees perfect results.

Moreover, this stain remover will not harm your skin nor leave an unpleasant odor behind. It will leave your carpet looking new.

Weiman 8 Ounce Wax Away Candle Wax Remover Carpet Fabric Furniture Cleaner


When wax spills on your carpet, you will have a difficult time removing it. According to this article, one of the most effective ways to remove wax on your carpet is by melting it with an iron box or any other similar apparatus.

However, if you do not want the risk of damaging the carpet fabrics with the hot iron box, you should precisely use a recommended stain remover.

The Weiman candle wax remover, in this case, gets rid of wax stuck on the carpet and upholstery fast and efficiently. Follow the guidelines provided for successful results.

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