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How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet

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📅 December 16, 2021

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Nail polish can accidentally spill on your carpet fabric. Thus, you need to know what to do when such scenarios occur.

There are a few approaches to getting nail polish out of the carpet. These approaches should, however, be followed for effective outcomes.

Nail Polish Remover

Here is a step-by-step procedure.

  1. Pour enough amount of the nail polish remover on the stained spot (depending on the level of damage)
  2. Allow the nail polish to soak the polish remover
  3. Scrub the stained spot gently with a paper towel
  4. Rinse the stained spot with enough amount of cold water


Here is a step-by-step procedure.

  1. Pour enough amount of vinegar on the stained spot
  2. Cover the stain with a wet cloth or towel for approximately 10 minutes. This allows the vinegar to soak the polish.
  3. Scrub the nail polish with a clean cloth until it vanishes
  4. Rinse with warm water and let the carpet dry


Hairspray is another effective solution to get nail polish out of the carpet.

Here is a step-by-step procedure.

  1. Add enough water to the nail polish stained spot. But do not let it dry
  2. Spray the hairspray directly on the stained spot
  3. Repeat step 2 above ten or fifteen times
  4. Scrub the nail polish stain with a medium-density brush (toothbrush)
  5. Rinse with plenty of water and observe the outcome

Unfortunately, the above three methods can leave slight nail polish stains on the carpet fabric. Luckily, there are other effective over-the-counter products for you to try.

Here are the two best products to consider.

1. Goo Gone Adhesive Remover Spray Gel

Goo Gone is a natural adhesive remover spray that effectively removes crayon markings, glue residue, nail polish, among other non-organic residues.

The spray gel formula also breaks down chemical substances on organic and non-organic items without affecting the fabric.

Lastly, this particular product has a pleasant citrus smell.

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover Spray Gel

2. Carbona Stain Devils

Nail polish can be challenging to remove on upholstery and carpet. However, with Carbona Stain Devils remover, you will have a sparkling rug within a few minutes.

This nail polish remover works on tough nail gel without damaging or even leaving traces of gel on the carpet fibers.

Carbona Stain Devils


It can be very challenging to get nail polish from the carpet without the correct guide.

Fortunately, we have looked at the available methods that guarantee successful outcomes. The approaches discussed are not only efficient but inexpensive and easy to use.

Try the above two mentioned products for fast, effective, and positive outcomes.

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