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Why Do Dogs Lick Carpet?

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📅 February 06, 2022

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Dogs licking the carpet is strange and unusual behavior. Most pet parents and dog handlers have continuously complained and inquired about this behavior. Note that there are different reasons why a dog will suddenly begin to lick the carpet.

A dog licking the carpet can be a one-time thing or a habit. Hence, as a pet owner, you should know the difference. Fortunately, here are a few reasons to understand.

1. One-time Action

Food particles on the carpet

Dogs are sensitive to smell. Food crumbs on the carpet will lead them and make them lick the carpet fabrics.


Your dog will look for exciting activities if she is bored at home – and your carpet will be the perfect substitute.


Labrador retrievers are among the most playful dogs. If you have a Labrador, she will constantly play and lick the carpet.

2. Behavioral Issues

Emotional challenges

Usually, a depressed, anxious, or stressed dog will lick the carpet. Anxious dogs will display odd behaviors to act out their emotional problems.

Canine dementia

Also known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. This disorder causes physical discomfort in dogs. You can note this disorder when there is compulsive carpet licking in most middle-aged and older dog breeds.

Compulsive disorders

It causes obsessive behaviors in dogs. Your dog can suddenly become obsessed with the carpet and lick it. The signs and symptoms of the compulsive disorder are similar to Compulsive Obsessive behaviors (OCD) in humans.


Pica in dogs can lead to eating carpet fibers and other non-food items. It can also lead to obsessive behavior and physical illnesses.

3. Medical Issues

Gastrointestinal issues

Gastrointestinal issues are often associated with delayed gastric emptying, chronic pancreatitis, giardiasis, and foreign bodies. Licking carpets is a visible sign of a gastrointestinal issue.


Most dogs will eat grass to vomit when they have nausea. Vomiting helps eliminate foreign materials from the dog’s digestive system. At home, you might notice your hound eating or licking the carpet fibers.

Mouth problems

Teeth, mouth, or gum problems cause drooling in dogs. Hence, she will lick the carpet to wipe off the drool.


Also known as increased food consumption. Polyphagia is an underlying condition of diabetes, pancreatic problems, or hyper/ hypoadrenocorticism. This condition can lead to licking carpets.

Neurological issue

Includes central nervous system complications like epilepsy and brain tumor. Neurological issues can cause odd behaviors like licking the carpet in dogs.


As the owner, investigate why your dog is licking the carpet. It could be a behavioral or medical issue. Dealing with the situation immediately will help diagnose the problem.

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