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What is Frieze Carpet?

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📅 February 19, 2022

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Frieze carpets are durable, comfortable, and convenient carpets made from skinnier twisted fabric. The twisted P.E.T fibers are lightly compacted to give the rug a resilient and durable finish.

Most homeowners confuse between frieze carpets and plush rugs. These two carpets are slightly similar in design but different in fabric construction.

In this article, you will understand what a frieze carpet is and note its uses around the home.


Frieze carpets are unique

  • The carpet is also made under steam conditions.
  • Furthermore, the fibers are longer than ordinary carpet fabrics
  • These fibers are twisted three or four or even five times
  • The fibers will curl backward after completion

Design and Size

Most frieze carpets assume a plain and bold design. You will find a limited version of frieze carpets with a multi-colored construction.

The size, on the other hand, varies depending on your preference. You will find several sizes to consider.

Where are Frieze Carpets Commonly Used?

Frieze carpets are normally used in indoor spaces, just like the other types of carpets.

However, a frieze carpet is ideal for high traffic areas like the entryway, stairway, sitting room, and hallway.

Advantages of Frieze Carpets

A frieze carpet has its advantages. Here are five pros to note.

  • Durable for high traffic areas around the home
  • A trendy and stylish alternative
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
  • Cozy and soft

Cleaning and Maintaining a Frieze Carpet

Cleaning and maintaining a frieze carpet can be a significantly challenging process.

The long twisted fabrics can occasionally be difficult to sweep or even hand wash.

Here are the steps to follow to clean a frieze carpet.

  • Take the carpet outside
  • Thoroughly vacuum it
  • Mix enough dishwashing soap/detergent with 1 part warm water
  • Soak the carpet (for small size rugs)
  • Wet the rug (for large size area rug)
  • Gently scrub with a medium-sized brush
  • Rinse with sufficient water
  • Allow the rug to dry under direct sunlight for approximately 6 to 8 hours
  • Transfer it to a shade and allow to dry for another 8-12 hours

Note: Use the recommended carpet cleaning shampoo if the dishwashing solution/detergent does not remove all the stains.


Is frieze carpet the correct choice? Will a frieze carpet match my home’s style?

These are two questions most homeowners ask. Luckily, the above insight has described frieze carpet and all you should know.

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