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How to Patch a Carpet

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📅 March 22, 2022

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A hole in your carpet can be extremely discouraging. Especially on conspicuous areas. Ideally, a torn patch leaves a bare and an ugly look on your carpet.

Therefore, as a homeowner it is advisable to know how to repair the carpet using a patch. This will add more life to your already good-looking carpet.

Here is the process to flawlessly patch your carpet.

Items Required

  • Tape measure
  • Duct tape
  • Utility knife

1. Identify the Damaged Area

The first step is to identify where the torn is. This makes it easy to repair and achieve a flawless look. Inspect the whole area to know the extent of damage.

2. Measure the Area

Measure the damaged spot. Take the length and width and add an inch to the final measurement.

3. Tape Around the Affected Area

  • Use a duct tape to cover the affected area
  • Cover the length and width on both sides
  • Make sure all the affected area is in the covered area

4. Cut the Damaged Pieces

Use a utility knife to cut the damaged area. Be you need to be careful in this step not to cut yourself. Cut a smooth patch to make it easy to fix the spot.

5. Clean the Area Underneath

Ensure to remove the excess fabric underneath the carpet. Also, run a damp cloth over to wipe any dirt. Afterwards, wipe off the area with a dry cloth to absorb water or moisture.

6. Measure and Cut Patch Replacement

You can either purchase a replacement patch or cut an inconspicuous area on your carpet. Ensure the patch fits the earlier measurements.

7. Place the Patch in Position

Try to fit the patch and see if it covers the entire area. Make sure it is not too small or too big.

Place it in the correct position and continue making corrections until the piece fits accurately.

8. Install the Patch

Use a double sided duct tape underneath the rug to install the piece. Do not use too much duct tape. Also, use a adhesive heat to make sure everything is attached together tightly.

You can also, apply glue across the edges of the piece and install it. This ensures a tight grip. Place a heavy object (furniture) on top of the patch to tighten the grip.

9. Run a Steam Iron Over the Area

Place your iron about an inch or two above the area to avoid damaging the carpet. Do this for a few minutes depending on size of the patch

10. Brush the Fibres to Blend

Use a brush to blend the carpet fibres with the patch fibres after the area is completely dry. It makes it flawless and less visible to the eye.


No need to throw away a new carpet because of an accidental tear. You can repair the carpet by patching it with the steps mentioned above.

Follow all the steps discussed and restore your carpet’s appearance to its original state.

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