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How to Get Cat to Stop Peeing on Carpet

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📅 February 13, 2022

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Cats can routinely pee on the carpet because of different issues. Cat peeing on the carpet can be behavioral or underlying medical issues.

Note that too much cat pee on the carpet will not only cause an irritating odor. Excess cat at pee will ruin the carpet’s fibers.

So, you should immediately stop your indoor cat from peeing on the carpet.

How to get a cat to stop peeing on the carpet?

These are a few home remedies to get your cat to stop peeing on the carpet. Try these techniques for effective results.

But before looking at the methods to use, we need to answer one question.

Why do cats pee on the carpet?

Cats pee on the carpet because of the following three common reasons.

  • A full or foul-smelling litter box
  • Stress
  • Missing litter box

There are five ordinary methods to get your cat to stop peeing on the carpet.

1. Deep Cleaning the Carpet

The first step is to deep clean the carpet with white vinegar, dishwashing soap, baking soda, and warm water.

Deep cleaning the carpet will help eliminate the urine odor before moving to the next step. Also, cats will pee at the same spot if it has a urine smell.

Pro Tip: Use the recommended cat odor repellant to keep it from peeing on the carpet. White vinegar is a natural cat pee repellant to consider.

2. Install a Litter Box

Cats will occasionally change their toilet spot if the litter box is currently missing from its original location.

As the pet owner, install a litter box strategically where your cat can easily access it.

Also, purchase a litter box that matches the size of your cat. Kittens, for instance, can have low-profile litter boxes.

3. Litter-train Your Cat

Litter training your cat will make it stop peeing on the carpet.

Kittens can be hard to train. However, litter training is necessary for a cat to stop peeing on the carpet. Medium size and mature cats can learn basic litter training skills.

4. Regularly Change the Litter Box Sand

Change the litter box content once it is full to stop your cat from peeing on the carpet.

As the pet owner, change the litter box content after deep cleaning the carpet. Note that cats will stop visiting the litter box if it is full or has a foul smell.

5. Visit the Vet

A trip to the vet can help if the above methods will not improve the situation. Your cat could probably have medical issues that make her avoid the litter box.


It is always advisable to train your cat the basic toilet skills. Avoid fabric damage and eliminate odor from the carpet fabric by training your cat to stop peeing on the carpet.

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