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How to Clean Car Carpet

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📅 February 16, 2022

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Car carpets are prone to different kinds of dirt and residue. It could be gum residue, mud, or even organic spills. Therefore, you should deep clean the car carpet immediately it gets dirty to avoid any challenging situations.

Most car owners clean the car carpets differently. However, understand the necessary cleaning techniques when you have a dirty car carpet. The best methods will eliminate new and old stains from the carpet.

We will look at the most efficient methods for cleaning car carpets in this article.

Basic Carpet Cleaning

Clean the car carpet lightly before proceeding to any other secondary cleaning techniques.

Step-by-step process

  1. Dust or vacuum the car carpet
  2. Apply dishwashing detergent in a can and shake until foam is present
  3. Pour the foam on the carpet surface and scrub it with a medium-density brush
  4. Dub the carpet with a damp cloth

Secondary Cleaning Method

Use this next procedure if the basic technique does not help much.

Vinegar + Dishwashing detergent

Vinegar + dishwashing detergent + warm water helps eliminate many different car carpet stains. You should use this particular technique if the carpet has coffee, blood, milk, or any other organic stains.

This particular technique not only gets rid of stains. It also helps to eliminate odor and leaves the car carpet spotless.

Step-by-step process

  1. Dab the organic stain with cold water
  2. Mix 1 part vinegar + 1 part dishwashing detergent + 1 part warm water for deep cleaning action
  3. Add this solution to a spray bottle.
  4. Thoroughly spray the stained spot. Also, make sure that you cover the entire carpet surface.
  5. Let it sit for approximately 15 minutes to allow the carpet to absorb this solution.
  6. Gently blot the area with a paper towel or sponge.
  7. Vacuum the carpet

Use other effective cleaning solutions if the carpet still has stain traces.

Armor All Car Carpet & Fabric Spray Bottle, Cleaner for Cars & Truck

This is a fast-acting spray that eliminates stubborn stains on car carpets. The chemical enzymes in this particular product penetrate the fabric and dissolve all automotive stains and dirt, leaving your car carpet spotless.

Armor all carpet and fabric spray is a safe and environmentally friendly product used on car upholstery.

Armor All Car Carpet & Fabric Spray Bottle, Cleaner for Cars & Truck


Get rid of stubborn stains on your car carpet with the above-discussed products. These products guarantee effective outcomes in the least time possible.

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