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How to Choose a Rug

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📅 March 31, 2022

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Choosing a carpet for your home requires accurate decision making.

A carpet should last years. Hence, picking the wrong choice will have its disadvantages.

As a homeowner, you will find several carpets to pick. You should, however, pick the best choice according to your personal desires and home’s layout.

Here are the most important factors to consider before choosing the perfect carpet for your home.


Today, there are several carpet materials. Nylon, polypropylene, wool, textile, jute, fiber, and polyester are among the most common types of material available.

Wool is soft to the underfoot, nylon is resistant to abrasion, and polypropylene is stain resistant.

So, identify the best material based on your preference.


Machine woven carpets are normally knitted using labor-intense techniques.

Tufted style carpets, on the other hand, are made from punching yarn into the backing of fabrics with needles.

Loop pile are durable and stain resistant.

Cut and Pile rugs are softer than the other rugs.

Thus, choose the ideal rug based on your requirements.


Carpets can be stain resistant or stain prone.

Stain prone carpets need regular maintenance that the stain resistant carpets. For instance, handmade carpets are delicate whereas wool carpets require intense maintenance.

Color and Pattern

Pick a color depending on your interior décor finish. You can try blue and green to create a calm and peaceful setting.

Darker colors should, however, be considered on high traffic areas.


The size of the carpet also matters before picking a carpet for your room. Small area rugs normally cover smaller spaces while large carpets are ideal for larger rooms. Additionally, medium size carpets are ideal for both large and small rooms.

Carpet Positioning

Where you will place the carpet is also another factor to consider before choosing the precise rug.

You need a resilient rug for high traffic areas at home. Soft rugs, on the other hand, are ideal for the living room and dining room.


The type of padding differentiates a slippery and a non-slippery carpet. So, pick a non-slippery carpet for your concrete, tiled, or laminated floor.

Presence of Kids and Pets

Normally, darker carpet colors are kid and pet friendly. It is easy to maintain darker carpets with kids and pets around your home.


Always stick to your budget when picking a rug of your choice. Always balance the price and level of comfort you want.


Before choosing a carpet, consider all the above discussed factors.

Alternatively, use the following steps when picking a carpet for your home. Gather information, ask a sales person, and check online reviews. Also, check the available varieties before making the purchase.

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