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What is Better Nylon or Polyester Carpet

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📅 February 26, 2022

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What is better, nylon or polyester?

Do you want to buy a carpet but don’t know what to go for? Well, do not worry.

Today, nylon and polyester are the most common carpet materials in the market. You will, however, find it challenging to choose between the two.

But here are a few things you should know about each to help you decide;


Nylon is among the most popularly used carpet material in the market today.

It has revolutionized the carpet industry as the best synthetic fiber overtime. Today, over 50% of residential homes utilize nylon carpets.

Here are the main reasons.


1) Durable

Nylon carpets make strong synthetic fibers because of their strong fibers. They are resilient enough for use on high traffic areas.

2) Resistance

The hydrogen molecule in nylon makes it resistant to everyday wear and tear. To ensure durability, you can steam clean the carpet for between 12 to 18months after purchase.

3) Absorbent and stain resistant

Nylon is a naturally absorbent material that prevents stains from sinking deep into carpet fibers.

4) Maintenance

You can maintain nylon carpets by vacuuming.

5) Eco-friendly

Currently, nylon carpets are made from recycled materials.


1) Expensive

Nylon is very expensive compared to polyester or other materials.

2) Static electricity charge

Nylon produces occasional static shocks to the body.


Polyester has come a long way in the carpet industry. Over 25% of carpet sales today are polyester. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of polyester.


1) Soft

Polyester is much softer than nylon carpets. It also has a soft and cozy underfoot feel. The fibers are long and help to warm the room.

2) Budget-friendly and eco-friendly

Polyester is inexpensive. A reasonable sized carpets, for instance, goes for as low as $0.85. Likewise, it is made from recycled materials.

3) Less static build up

You rarely get body shocks – and even if you do, they are mild.

4) Water and stain resistant

Repels liquids to prevent excess dirt and stain buildup.

5) Wide variety of options

There are wide varieties of colors, styles and polyester patterns to choose from. These colors and styles help to compliment your décor.


1) Non-durable

Polyester is less durable with a limited lifetime span. It tears up easily.

2) Less resistant to high traffic area

With low durability, polyester is not recommended for high traffic areas.

So, which is better? Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Deciding which to go for is not easy. Therefore, consider your preferences before making a decision.


Choosing between the two is difficult. But with the right information from this guide, you can now choose the particular rug to suit your needs.

Both nylon and polyester have their advantages, differences, similarities, and disadvantages.

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